Case study

oil / water separator - Crude Oil

Site description - offshore oilrig in the Gulf of Mexico

The sludge produced from an offshore oil well drilling operation was temporarily stored on a barge. The waste material was composed of approximately 60% oil, 20% solids and 20% water. Recommended Treatment Method - In-Situ. A bioreactor was designed by OBI to process the sludge in the barge as it was generated. This system was designed to use seawater and Oppenheimer products. The bioreactor was constructed and built on the site on the rig. The sludge was then transferred onshore for disposal at Class #1 landfill.



The sludge material was treated directly in the barge. The TPH levels were reduced to State of Texas compliance levels.

Actual Time Frame – 30 days.

Case study

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These case studies are only intended to represent a cross section of sites where our family of Oppenheimer products have been used. It is to demonstrate the diverse range of contaminants that can be successfully and effectively bioremediated by our products and applications.