Case study

Refined Oil and Crude Oil Spill at a Refinery

Site description and location - Refinery in South Texas

The refinery had a number of spills in several different areas within their facility. The hydrocarbon contaminated soil was a mix of refined and crude oils. The soil was excavated, collected and consolidated into one area, a bio-pad. The total amount of soil treated in the bio-pad was approximately 100 cubic yards.



At the end of the treatment period samples were collected and analyzed by a third party laboratory. Based on these analytical results the detected concentrations were below the TCEQ Class 1 Residential 30-acre soil limits.
The soil was successfully treated to meet the requirements set forth by the project manager and the State of Texas (TCEQ) in the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) Class 1 Residential standards for soil.
The project was deemed to have been successfully completed, and no further treatment of the soil was recommended.

Actual Time Frame – 60 days.

Case study

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These case studies are only intended to represent a cross section of sites where our family of Oppenheimer products have been used. It is to demonstrate the diverse range of contaminants that can be successfully and effectively bioremediated by our products and applications.