Case study

Diesel fuel and oil in soil

Site description and location - Military air station in South Texas

Approximately 1,500 m3 of soil contaminated by a mixture of diesel fuel and oil. Treatment Method - in situ. The soil was excavated and moved to a lined treatment pad.The soil spread evenly over a 170 x 30 meter area on a black plastic liner.



After sixty days samples were collected and analyzed. There were no reportable levels of either TPH or BTEX/MTBE found by either third party laboratory in any of the samples submitted for analysis. While the reporting limits for the two laboratories varied slightly, both laboratories reported TPH at or below 50 mg/Kg and BTEX/MTBE – non detect. This met the initial criteria set by the project manager and The State of Texas (TCEQ). The project was deemed to have been successfully completed, and no further treatment of the soil was recommended.

Actual Time Frame – 60 days.

Case study

Other Case Studies

These case studies are only intended to represent a cross section of sites where our family of Oppenheimer products have been used. It is to demonstrate the diverse range of contaminants that can be successfully and effectively bioremediated by our products and applications.