The Oppenheimer Formula

After many years of research and development we became aware of some unique characteristics of Archaea. We adapted these findings, along with other ingredients into a customized consortia, The Oppenheimer Formula®. The Oppenheimer Formula is our flagship product, all but one of our microbial products are derived from it.

Our products have a wide range of applications and perform extremely well in diverse environmental conditions. Conditions include; land damaged by herbicide and pesticide residues, soil impacted by oil and gas waste, salt and temperature variances just to name just a few.

We have a process that enables us to grow considerable quantities of microbes in a short period of time, while retaining a high microbial concentration. Our products are natually dried (into inert carriers) and then packaged. Our specialized drying process allows our products to have a 5+ years shelf-life.

Product Highlights -

Highly concentrated (100 billion cells per gram)

Organic & naturally occurring

5+ year shelf life

Non- toxic

Dry, gray powder

Activated byfresh, brackish, or salt water

Temperature range 32F-120F

pH tolerance 5.5-10.0

NOT genetically engineered

NOT freeze-dried

Range in size 1 to 10 microns


Hydrophobic - prefer the oil to water

Our products love, love, love hydrocarbons, both biochemically & physically.