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Oppenheimer Biotechnology Incorporated (OBI), a leader in Bioremediation for over 20 years, manufactures products with naturally occurring microorganisms from the Domain Archaea. Archaea are primitive and can tolerate much harsher environmental conditions and degrade a wide variety of hydrocarbons. Crude oil is one such example.

These microbes recycle simple, complex and chlorinated hydrocarbons into natural compounds. Our products are packaged as a highly concentrated dense powder. This saves in shipping because you are NOT paying to transport a bulky and heavy liquid. Click here to compare the strength and density of our microbes to other microbial products.


Oil Spills

Oil Spills and Pollutants

Fuel Spills Industrial and Household Waste

Waste Water


Cost effective, naturally occurring hydrocarbon digesting microbes convert pollutants into environmentally beneficial products.


Clean. Green. Sound. Our products will solve your problem.

OBI products are simple cradle-to-grave solutions that offer a huge ROI.

Are you looking for a microbial blend to add to a product that you already have? As the manufacturer we can custom blend formulas designed to suit our customers particular unique requirements.

Oil and Fuel Spills
The Oppenheimer Formula